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This Is Our Story

Love Yourself is a simple message. It is easily overlooked and essential to each of us. Our love of the world begins with self-acceptance and the ability to embrace our inner spirits.

The company Prissy Polly, our curious pink book and clothing line, provides the cornerstone of our philosophy…“Conveying self-acceptance, Standing up to bullying and Embracing the diversity of today’s family”.

These ideas comprise the reasons as to why we feel this whimsical tale must to be told, “Prissy Polly’s Curious Cat in a Bunny Suit”…as well as providing a guide in the creation of the stunning design and high quality of your new Prissy Polly Dress.

Grow with us as you read our brain teasing and loving book. It introduces “Prissy Polly” and the secrets of her new friend, “Bunny”. You will be reminded how important your inner-self truly is. Perhaps you will want to use Polly’s story as a resource for teaching your children to love themselves. This story is the first of many more Prissy Polly journeys to enjoy!

The fabulous Prissy Polly Clothing Line is inspired by the lovable little girl, Prissy Polly.
The clothes are hand-made with the highest quality silks and cottons from throughout the world. The fabrics are so difficult to find that it takes our designer planes, trains and automobiles across South America in order to gather them and bring them back safely to her atelier in Bolivia. The shantung silks, french silk taffeta and pima cotton are amongst the worlds finest fabrics. All of these stunning, unique dresses are limited in quantity and of the highest quality.

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