Artistic Credits


Natasha Cohen

South Florida Genious

Introducing, Natasha Cohen, the emerging photographer and hair stylist; about to hit South Florida as the next big creative genious to emerge!.. Natasha's creativity is without limits...not to mention her dedication and level of perfectionism...from the perfect hair style on the red carpet to creating the stunning Prissy Polly Clothing Photos throughout our new site!...(check out her adorable son in our Prissy Polly Photo gallery with our Prissy Polly Mascot, Monsieur Rawlings, Blue Frenchie)!

Is there anything this woman can't achieve? GENIOUS.

Our Beloved Artist

1. Introducing, Dianna Donfrancisco, The collaborative Illustrator of “Prissy Polly’s Curious Cat In A Bunny Suit”

Dianna Donfrancisco has been a resident of South Florida for most of her life. Always involved in the arts, she graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree. She painted murals on ceilings, walls, schools, churches and restaurants honing her skills.

Today, Dianna is a freelance artist working out of her South Florida studio as a dedicated children’s story illustrator for 7 years. Dianna is a signature member with the Boca Raton Museum of Art, an award-winning member of the Palm Beach Watercolor Society, member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and member of the Palm Beach Cultural Council.

2. Introducing, Claudia Beccar, Prissy Polly Children’s Clothes Designer

(In Collaberation)

The infamous Claudia Beccar is our designer at Prissy Polly. Her whimsical, yet sophisticated designs have been showcased throughout the world. Her atelier is located in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The women that sew the Prissy Polly garments are single mothers and live in a rural area of Bolivia. We met at the New York Gift Fair and the rest is history! (or should I say, “Prissy Polly History”?)

3. Introducing, Kyra Kendall, Designed The First Prissy Polly Image.

(In Collaberation)

Kyra Kendall has been drawing professionally for over 3 years. Prior to this, she worked in advertising with high profile brands. Kyra has an honors degree in fine art from the University of Toronto.

She also illustrates for MTV, The Boston Globe, The Globe and Mail, ESPN, Coty, Baby Phat and the Boston Celtics.

You can reach Kyra at:

4. Introducing, Douglas Gorenstein, Celebrity Photographer

Douglas Gorenstein is an award winning photographer in Manhattan. His accomplishments are too numerous to mention.

His talents created the “Prissy Polly’s Curious Cat In A Bunny Suit” book shoot! The author’s, “bunny photo”, is included on this site and found in our book. Fabulous!

You can reach Doug at