Here Is Where You Can Find The Prissy Polly Brand…. Xox

Currently, the book, “Prissy Polly’s Curious Cat in a Bunny Suit”, can be found at the infamous St. Regis in Manhattan on 2 East 55th and 5th.

We are proud that the teachers at Morikami Park Elementary, LRCMS, Renaissance Carter, DelPardo Elementary, Loggers’ Run Middle, Peters Elementary, Forest Park Elementary, Palm Beach School District, Sunrise Park Elementary, Nele in Holiday City, Eagles Landing, Blanche Ely High School, Scheck Hillel Community School, West Boca High, Charter Schools of Boynton, Hammock Pointe, Crystal Lake, Sub N Miami Beach and Banyan Creek Elementary have incorporated “Prissy Polly’s Curious Cat in a Bunny Suit” into their classroom setting.

The Prissy Polly Clothing Collection is in the process of setting retail space in LA, NYC and Miami. Keep checking back for updated news, as this expansion is a very exciting time for us!